part 318.1 of a novel: oliver's science project

Oliver was in my third grade class. His full name was Oliver Todd. For his science project one year he melted pennies and made little BBs for his BB gun. He brought in his BB gun to show everyone and ended up shooting the teacher’s assistant in the eye. Then he got scared and secluded himself in a closet yelling that if anyone moved he would shoot them. The teacher’s assistant lay on the ground holding her eye. I was very scared. I covered my eyes. I did not want my eyeballs to get shot out. I did not see what happened. When I uncovered my eyes our teacher, Mr. Doug was carrying off an unconscious Oliver Todd in one hand. Mr. Doug held the BB gun in the other hand. Oliver Todd’s head was bleeding. One kid who didn’t cover his eyes because he had glasses said Mr. Doug threw his chair at Oliver and it hit him in the head. The next week the teacher’s assistant was leading class. She wore a patch on her right eye. We never saw Mr. Doug again. No one really knows what happened to Oliver Todd. Some say he went to jail. Some say he went to a private school. Others say he somehow got a hold of his BB gun in the principal’s office and killed himself.

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