part 322.4 of a novel: blurry day yeah 724

Someone said, “I should have left five minutes ago.” I did not disagree with this person. I tried to find them a Band-Aid. I did not have any. Hair was clotting the sink or the bathtub or both or neither. I don’t know. It was definitely hair though, not a Band-Aid. I heard footsteps. I pretended they were a form of bird doing things. I do not know what sort of things. It would depend on the bird. I do not know what form of bird it was. This is why I don’t know what sort of things it did. There was a heart shaped something on the kitchen counter. I put it in the garbage disposal. Someone asked, “Where are my sunglasses?” I turned off the garbage disposal. I felt very excited. This was the wrong reaction. I thought, “Andre Agassi.” This did not feel like the right reaction either.

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