part 326.1 of a novel: blurry day yeah 764

I ate two noodles and a girl was in the clean sheets that I made. A metal tin filled with water after I gave it quarters. I gave it five quarters after I swiped a card and a larger woman than the one in my bed gave me ten dollars in quarters so I could put the dirty sheets in a metal tin and clean them. The girl in the clean sheets brought home two and a half noodles. She ate half a noodle and I ate two noodles. She said, “I am full,” and picked at the wall next to the table because there was crud on them. Her bowl still had one percent of the half a noodle and I thought, “I will eat that one percent of the half noodle.” She put the crud from the wall in her bowl, but I ate the one percent of half a noodle anyway. She did not care for this, but then I told her about the clean sheets and she jumped in them and asked me if I loved her anymore. I was not done eating the two noodles, but I said, “Sure,” and ate the rest of the two noodles. Then I felt guilty because I had a dream about a girl smaller than her and made the sheets dirty.

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