part 337.2 of a novel: evening juice

The lump tends to wake up late and be in a rush in the mornings. It is doubtful she will have time for breakfast. In all fairness, she probably didn’t get enough sleep the night before, but to her fault she usually shuts off her alarm and goes back to bed. As a result, the carton of orange juice with about enough remaining for a half a glass, left out the previous night, and intended to be thrown out in the morning will probably not be thrown out until the evening when the lump arrives home from work and craves something fruity, nothing much, just a sip. These cravings of course will only be filled with disappointment as it is realized that the carton has been left out and the contents spoiled. And that is why she’ll take a sip of her roommate’s, the Smarmaloid’s, orange juice.

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