part 319.2 of a novel: blurry day yeah day 704

One of the rats knew how to play an instrument or something that is not an instrument, but can kind of look like an instrument if your head is blurry. Nothing about this made me like this rat. I thought of breakfast foods instead of thinking of reasons why I might like the rat. I thought, “Danish, soupy eggs, stale cereal, girls with crooked teeth, old ladies with droopy ears, salmonella on celery, rolling hills, the flock of pond ducks, people selling oranges after trading away their stock options, four page emails, old Christmas trees, little boys of the world that are unsatisfied with their name because it is Seth, and hamburgers. Then I yawned and somehow this yawn got all over the bed and it woke up some of the people sleeping and they said, “What are you doing? What happened?” So I told them, “I fell in paint.” They did not understand because I hadn’t fallen in paint. I could not tell them I had only yawned. I wanted to tell them, but I couldn’t. They thought I was still mad at them for making me go to a movie I didn’t want to see. They did not understand that I didn’t mind seeing that movie. They misinterpreted what I said when I said, “I would rather wait and see it when it comes to cable TV.” They got upset and thought, “No, he doesn’t even know what are breakfast foods and what aren’t. I would not eat soupy eggs.”

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