part 320.2 of a novel: blurry day yeah day 714

I always say things get blurry. I don’t want everything I ever say to be blurry, but it seems like things are always getting blurry and I can’t help but think about these blurry parts for long periods of time. The lawn care man was a brother or something. He clipped the grass and drove a pickup. Sometimes he would rake things and his friends would say, “Why are you always raking your sister’s lawn.” Then the brother would say that he didn’t know. The wife’s husband owned a rifle company. He shot squirrels off the front porch. All the lawn care people hired to plant the giant Christmas tree stopped and clapped. The wife brought him a drink. The lawn care people hired to put in the Christmas tree watched the wife and got boners. These boners displaced themselves at different rates. The squirrel did not have a body to return to. It remembered seeing its friend get run over by a lawn mower. That’s all that was left of this squirrel, the thought of its friend and the lawnmower. The brother did it. Then he raked the remains into a ditch. Now the brother was on the floor of the shed. He was listening for things in the ground. Spiders crawled on him. He was not really listening to things. He overdosed on things he got from a friend of a friend who knew a pharmacist. The lawn care guys hired to plant the Christmas Tree went to the shed to get a shovel and displace more of their boners. There were five of them. They found the brother. The brother had not taken all the pills. Squirrels that still had bodies were sniffing the pills. The lawn care guys hired to put in the Christmas tree watched the squirrels eat the pills. The lawn care guys hit the squirrels with shovels and then cheered. They thought the squirrels had killed the brother. The Christmas tree fell over. The husband shot a bluejay. It did not have a body to return to anymore.

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