part 321.1 of a novel: Blurry Day Yeah 714.1

There’s a lady outside the window and it sounds like she is making it rain and I want it to be a very famous rapper throwing money around, but I highly doubt it is. I suspect it is just a woman watering the plants. I asked her what the fuck she was doing and she ran off, but I followed the hose and found it led to the bus station and I thought, “I’ve never ridden the bus in this place,” but I didn’t care about that thought. I forgot about that thought. I wanted to drown it with the lady’s hose. I was more concerned with why I thought the closet she was hiding in was a bus station. I didn’t try to answer any of these questions though. I just pressed my tongue to the door of the closet and let it say whatever it wanted and it said things like, “These calm tides are really pissing me off and I don’t think there is an understanding alive that will ever solve the differences that are present in my medicine cabinet right now, but don’t fear things will be amusing once I have that hose and you go to sleep and I can drown your guitar in the bathtub,” or “What the fuck is going on?”

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