part 323.2 of a novel: Blurry Day Yeah 734

Someone is standing on my feet. Not on them. Their soles are on my soles. I am standing on a doormat. They are standing on a doormat. All that separates us is a doormat. I jumped. They jumped. We both landed on the doormat, on each other’s soles. If it weren’t for this person on the other side of the doormat then I would fall into their world and end up on this other world’s ceiling and if I wasn’t here then they would end up on the ceiling in my world. It is very strange to think about. I don’t know if makes sense. For instance, when I leave the doormat they leave the doormat and step on the tile. When I walk down the stairs they walk down the stairs. We step on stairs and on each other’s soles. It would be kind of weird to one day step on something and fall through it and land on the ceiling in another world. I guess this sometimes happens when you go swimming, but it’s not like you fully leave this world.

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