part 3.3 of a novel: there was this kid named alan and he had an ipod

There was this kid named Alan [One time he bought me three shirts on ebay because I didn’t have a debit card at the time. For five dollars I got a Jurassic Park velociraptor shirt, a Star Wars shirt, and one other random]. He had an Ipod. He once let me use it during a class we had together. I think the class was called Military Strategies. There was only one girl in the class. Anyway, the day Alan let me borrow the Ipod a pen had exploded on my fingers so as I was scroll through his playlist I was lightly painting the scroll wheel a faint blue. It wasn’t until I played around for fifteen minutes and the color began to darken that I noticed what I had done. I began wiping the Ipod on my shirt hoping that Alan wouldn’t notice. Eventually, the blue was very faint and I gave it back to Alan. I don’t think he noticed or if he did he never said anything. A week later he asked if I had any CDs he could borrow and put on his Ipod. He said he liked the Sex Pistols so I brought him one of their CDs. I also brought him something by a band called American Nightmare. They were a favorite at the time. He returned them a few days later and said he liked the Pistols, but the other one wasn’t really his thing.

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