Part 324.2 of a novel: Blurry Day Yeah 744

I looked at the bed sheets for a long time and everything felt perfect in the world. My bed did not feel pain in its forehead from the bed sheets. I was happy about this. Sometimes beds will be young and freshly harvested or enslaved and feel pain about their new location in the world and their reliance on bed sheets. It is a cultural thing. It is not cultural shock. The editing process destroyed this term from all my writing. I have snuck this one by them though. It is not culture shock. They will only allow me to say my work is not culture shock. If I say it is culture shock then they will not accept it so I have to live with my work not being culture shocked. This is a very difficult thing to live with. I sometimes think, “Oh, fuck. There goes the neighborhood. My writing will suffer. I shouldn’t have moved into this house. My writing is na├»ve and doesn’t understand basic things, but its demise was not culture shock.” There is not culture shock in the barn.

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